Facebook, Inc. (FB:NASDAQ) stock standing with the loss of -3.16

During the last trading session Facebook, Inc. (FB:Nasdaq) stock gone downward. Its opening was 140.73$ in US stocks. However its previous close was 141.09$ and yesterday ends with 137.93$ (-2.24%).  The stock has shown $390.94B Market Cap, $21.77B Income and $51.90B as Sales value. Previous record shows that Cash per share was $14.54 and Book Value per share was $27.85.

PE, Forward PE & PEG: Facebook, Inc. (FB: Nasdaq)

Stock analyst got 18.62% as Price to Earnings (PE) ratio, 18.55% as Forward Earning per share (Forward P/E) ratio and 1.04% as Price to Earning to Growth (PEG) ratio. Further we can see Price to sale (P/S) ratio 7.53%, Price to Book (P/B) ratio 4.95% and Price to cash per share (P/C) ratio was 9.49%.

EPS Value for Facebook, Inc. (FB: Nasdaq)

If we take a look at company Earning per Share it’s given in a stable value of 7.41 (EPS). Than the estimated EPS for Next Year is 7.44 and its Estimated EPS for Next Quarter is 2.18. EPS Growth to this Year in plus ratio like 76.30%.

Results of SMA20-Days, SMA50-Days and SMA200-Days:

Facebook, Inc. (FB: Nasdaq) stock shown negative impact in all distance of Simple Moving Average like SMA20-Days is -1.95%, SMA50-Days is -7.95%, SMA200-Days is -20.12%.

ROA, ROE & ROI Ratios in last session:

There is a little growth in Return on Assets (ROA) 21.90% ratio. Shareholder can see that the Return on Equity (ROE) remain stable with 25.00% ratio during the trading session and there is no change in Return on Investment (ROI) with 24.00% ratio.

Inside Facebook, Inc. (FB: Nasdaq)

personnel are asked to charge how happy they’re with their business enterprise normal, rate their chief government as well as charge key place of job attributes together with profession possibilities, reimbursement and benefits, paintings/life stability, senior control, plus how they fell about the cutting-edge way of life and values on the organization. Employees are also asked whether they would propose their employer to a friend and approximately the company’s six-month business outlook.

Facebook did now not reply to request for comment. There are, but, many upsides to working there. Facebook employees have average annual profits of $240,000. CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s earnings, meanwhile, at $8.8 million, is 37 instances the common FB employee. fb perks consist of paid paternity and maternity leave of 4 months, unfastened meals, 21 days of paid holiday and subsidies to work out at its gym. It acquired four.5 out of 5 on Glassdoor’s scale.

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